March 28, 2023

Governor Generals of India until Revolt of 1857

Governor GeneralsYears
Robert Clive1750-72
Warren Hastings1772-85
Lord Cornwallis1785-93
Sir John Shorey1793-98
Lord Wellesley1798-1805
George Barlow1805-07
Lord Minto I1807-13
Lord Hastings1813-23
Lord Amherst1823-28
Lord William Bentinck1828-35
Charles Metcalfe1835-36
Lord Auckland1836-42
Lord Ellenborough1842-44
Lord Hardinge1844-48
Lord Dalhousie1848-56

Viceroys of India until India became an independent Republic

Lord Canning1857-61
Lord Elgin I1862-63
Lord John Lawrence1864-69
Lord Mayo1769-72
Lord Northbrooke1872-76
Lord Lytton1876-80
Lord Ripon1880-84
Lord Dufferin1884-88
Lord Lansdowne1888-94
Lord Elgin II1894-99
Lord Curzon1899-1905
Lord Minto II1905-10
Lord Hardinge II1910-16
Lord Chelmsford1916-20
Lord Reading1921-26
Lord Irwin1926-31
Lord Willingdon1931-36
Lord Linlithgow1936-43
Lord Wavell1943-47
Lord Mountbatten1947-49
C Rajagopalachari1949-50

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