March 29, 2023

World History

Syllabus for Optional Mains

TopicSub topics
Enlightenment and Modern ideas(i) Major ideas of Enlightenment: Kant, Rousseau, Bacon, Luther jr, Voltaire; (ii) Spread of Enlightenment in the colonies (iii) Rise of socialist ideas (up to Marx); Spread of Marxian Socialism 
Modern Revolutions(i) European States System; 
(ii) American Revolution and the Constitution, 
(iii) French Revolution 
(iv) American Civil War with reference to Abraham Lincoln and the abolition of slavery 
(v) British Democratic Politics, 1815- 1850; Parliamentary Reformers, Free Traders, Chartists 
Industrialization(i) English Industrial Revolution: Causes and Impact on Society
(ii) Industrialization in other countries: USA, Germany, Russia, Japan
(iii) Industrialization and Globalization
Rise of Nationalism in Europe(i) Rise of Nationalism in 19th century
(ii) Nationalism: Italy; State-building in Germany
(iii) Comparison of Unification in Italy and Germany
(iv) 19th Century European revolutions 
Revolution and Counter Revolution(i) The Russian Revolution of 1917-1921 
(ii) CHINA – [Colonialism]
(iii) The Chinese Revolution of 1949 
World Wars(i) 1st and 2nd World Wars as Total Wars: Societal implications
(ii) World War II: Causes and consequence;
(iii) Fascist Counter-Revolution, Italy and Germany; Hitler, Foreign Policy; Mussolini, Fascism; 
UN and Third World(i) Emergence of Third World and Non-alignment
(ii) UNO and the global disputes
Neo Imperialism, Arab World(i) Imperialism and free trade: Rise of neo-imperialism; 
(ii) Arab World – Egypt, Arab Nationalism, Oil Imperialism
(iii) Africa – Colonization , Partition, 
(iv) Turkey – Disintegration of Empires [emergence of nationalities across the world -Nation State Systems]
Decolonization, Apartheid(i) Latin America – Bolivar
(ii) Australia
(iii) Africa – Apartheid to Democracy [Liberation from Colonial Rule]
(iv) Factors constraining development
(v) South-East Asia – Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia – Decolonization
Union of Europe(i) Post War Foundations: NATO and European Community (ii) Political Changes in Eastern Europe 1989-2001.
End of Cold War(i) Emergence of two power blocs – COLD WAR
(ii) End of the cold war and US ascendancy in the World as the lone superpower; 
(iii) Post truth World

Past Year Questions – World History